Backing breakthrough technologies for a resilient future
Investing in the boldest Food Tech and Green Tech start-ups for a resilient society within planetary boundaries.

Our Purpose

Building a Decarbonised, Resilient Society

We’re not just committed to tackling climate change; we’re committed to building resilience. Rather than solely adapting to or mitigating climate change effects, we aim to strengthen societies against them. Our focus lies on those crucial sectors that significantly contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions, with special emphasis on food production (Food Tech), but extending to energy and carbon, the built environment, and industry (Green Tech).

Philosophy & Approach

We focus on early-stage investments, from pre-seed to Series A, across Europe and North America. Our mission is grounded on supporting visionary Green Tech and FoodTech founders, forging the path towards a more resilent global system and redefining the status quo of our industries.

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