Our Earth is in the Hot Seat: Time to Cool it Down

As humanity confronts unprecedented challenges, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that we must remove up to 310 billion tonnes of CO₂ by 2100 to limit global warming to 1.5°C. With our growing global population and current consumption patterns, this poses a daunting task. At GGF, we’re unwilling to accept defeat and settle for a bleak future. We stand ready to challenge the status quo and address this global crisis at its root.

Our investment approach and thesis

Spotting a vital missing piece in the climate change puzzle, we recognize the absence of broad resilience to disrupt a persistent negative loop. While the urgency is clear, many institutions still lean towards reactive responses instead of fostering proactive resilience. We envision a future where food and energy security is ensured, climate resilience is embedded in all practices, and our planet thrives. Guided by this vision, we strategically invest in early-stage green tech and food tech start-ups, transforming food and energy systems, cutting global emissions, and improving resource security.

Our background

At GGF, we are lucky to have a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and sector-specific expertise. We bring a variety of perspectives and unique skills to our work, helping us make informed investment decisions. More than just investors, we are committed to guiding visionary founders towards crafting a sustainable future.

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