Putting impact first in everything we do

At GGF, impact isn’t just an afterthought – it is a key performance indicator. Contrary to ESG investments, which primarily focus on mitigating negative effects, we actively seek out investments that generate significant, measurable positive impacts. This approach to impact isn’t siloed or superficial; it’s deeply embedded into every step of our investment process – because we believe that impact needs to be at the core of any business, in order for us to turn things around.

Our approach to impact

Our Fund is dedicated to maintaining the highest impact investing standards. To ensure meaningful investments, we’ve developed a science-based impact assessment, aligning ourselves and our portfolio with advanced frameworks and regulations. Our guiding principles act as our compass, setting strict standards for our investments. We measure an investment’s success using 16 key performance indicators that are aligned with our impact objectives. To demonstrate our commitment, we’ve linked 30% of our fund’s return to the attainment of these objectives until 2030.

Quantifying Change

Our Core Impact Goals

We’re committed to driving change and impact in three core areas that reflect our principles, values, and long-term vision.

1 Mt GHG Reduction:

Substantially reducing, removing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions while preventing carbon lock-in, and increase the resilience of systems to adapt to climate change.

1Mt Resource Savings:

Supporting the shift towards a circular economy and promoting the use of sustainably sourced renewable materials, leading to the saving, avoidance, or recycling of finite resources.

1M Lives Improved:

Enabling the provision of healthy and alternative nutrition, leading to better physical and mental health and the creation of sustainable workplaces that uphold a balance between social, environmental and economic factors.

Dive Deeper

Our Impact Report 2022

Impact Report 2022

We are excited to share that we have published our first ever impact report,encapsulating a deep dive into all of our portfolio companies, their achievements and the Fund’s overall performance and commitment to impact! Happy reading!

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